Curb appeal draws more people to your house from pictures and increases how much you receive when you sell! If your exterior is in good condition or you just don’t want to paint all that siding and trim, here are 3 simple ways to increase curb appeal

  1. Paint the front door. Pick a bright or pastel color to add contrast to the house color and make it pop. Recommended: bright reds, blues, greens. Here’s some pictures to illustrate the contrast and a list of colors rated the best colors for selling a house.



Top Rated colors for selling a house:



2. Clean the yard. Not a gardener? Have a black thumb? Totally fine! Just remove all the objects/trash/etc and mow and edge and you should be great! Edging is very important, especially along the walkways as it gives a crisp look to the lawn


3. Decorate the porch! – just please not with a couch, recliner, or furniture meant to be used indoors as you do not want your house to scream “Hillbillies live here!” (If you are said hillbilly, no offense & I know a good dentist I can refer you to.) DO decorate with a potted plant on either side of your freshly painted door and put out a welcome mat – colorful is better. Note: if you put the plant by the door right after painting, the wind might blow leaves onto the door. 




Super easy and effective ways to increase your curb appeal!