Clean-outs are a time-consuming problem! Hoarders, beloved grandparents who kept everything, or divorcees who don’t want to deal with the memories in a house – these all leave a massive amount of stuff in a house and it has to be dealt with before it can be sold. Huge piles of stuff, overflowing trash, receipts from 1940 something – it attracts bugs, mold, random types of ‘sticky’, and can be overwhelming to deal with.

What happens when a cleanout is needed before a house can sell?


For an individual or a group of heirs to clean out a house:

  • It takes 6 months – 1 year to go through the stuff. This is most people’s evenings and weekends for a long time.

  • Heirs/couples fight over who gets what, what to save, what to throw away

  • The house normally sits empty for that time and no, or little, repairs or updates are done.  When it sits empty with the utilities off, you don’t know what is going to happen when they are turned back on. (Hot water tanks bust, electric sparks, etc). It also leaves it prime for vandalism and squatters.


So what do you save?

    • Important legal and financial papers – wills, latest financial records, car and house maintenance records (House maintenance records come in super handy when selling!!)

    • Furniture that you want to keep – sometimes grandparents have furniture made of solid wood like dining tables, cabinets, hutches, etc. These can also be sold if no one wants them

    • Working lawnmowers, electronics, etc – also can be sold if no one wants them


How we can help:

We offer clean-out services with our cash offers! This means all you have to do is make sure you get the items you want or need and let us clean out the rest! You don’t have to wait to sell. The fighting is reduced to a minimum. The house doesn’t sit empty. You keep any and all the items you want and get cash without all the hassle of the cleanout!


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