Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. How long does it take to close?

In most cases, we close in under 30 business days. In the rare case it takes longer, the main reason is clearing up the title.

Q. Where do you close at?

Our main closing company is Old Republic Title. We have found them to be dependable and cost effective.

Q. How quickly can I expect my offer?

We give a written offer when we’re shown the house in most cases. If we have to research a situation or repair, then it’s in 24-48 hours.

Q. What happens after I accept the offer?

After the offer is accepted, both the buyer(us) and seller sign the purchase agreement. We then send you a copy of the agreement and put a deposit with the title company to begin processing the title work. Once they are finished (takes about 3-4 weeks), we close and you receive your money.

During the time between signing and closing, we get inspections and bids from contractors. With your permission, we keep a copy of the house key in a lock box in order to let them in.

Q. How are you different from real estate agents?

Real estate agents list a property for sale, and charge a commission to sell the property. There is no way to know for sure that the house will sell and how much it will sell for. On average a property takes a month or more to receive an offer, but some take over a year. During the time it’s being shown, you constantly clean because you never know when someone will want to view the property. At the end of the selling process, on the day the property sells, is when you find out the exact amount that you are going to receive.

We don’t list your property because we want to buy your property and we want to buy it now! We don’t charge any commissions or fees. Once the the offer is accepted, you could have your money in 30 days or sooner!

Q. Do You Pay Market Value, or Retail?

There is a big difference between what a real estate agent tells you your property is valued at, and how much money you will actually receive if, and when the property sells.

For starters, it is not uncommon for a property to sell for 5 to 10 percent less than what the property is listed is.

When working with a real estate agent, it is very common for you as the seller, to be required to do repairs to satisfy the buyer. These repairs can become very expensive and cost thousands of dollars.

While your property is on the market there are also holding costs. (Mortgage payment if any, lawn care, insurance, taxes, etc) Your real estate agent isn’t going to make your mortgage payments for you while you are waiting for the property to sell, but we will buy your house now!

Lastly, there is the the commission to your real estate agent, and the closing costs. Commissions can be as much as 7 percent, and closing costs can be as high as 3 percent.

Bottom Line:
Your real estate agent will tell you that your property is worth X amount of dollars, but after the property sells, minus the holding costs, repairs, commissions, closing costs, etc., and after subtracting all of those costs you could be taking home thousands of dollars less than X amount.

Q: Do you buy houses that aren’t in good shape?

We buy all types of homes! We will purchase everything from an unstable shack to your grandma’s ranch house. All properties are bought ‘As Is’.

Q: How much will I be offered for my property?

We commit to giving you a quick cash offer that beneficial to you and we are dedicated to making your sale as quick and stress-free as possible.

We have the ability to offer you a number of purchasing programs that are personalized to you. Each program allows you to benefit from the quickest possible sale, and to be able to sell your property without having to invest any time and money into repairs.

The amount we can offer for you property will be determined based on many factors. These factors can include the condition of the property, current mortgages and liens, and the repairs needed, time factor, and whether you need to be cashed out.

Q: What are the fees involved?

We charge no fees and there are no real estate agents involved!

Q: What am I obligated to if I fill out the form and you make an offer?

Nothing, there is no obligation to anything. We will make an offer, then you can either accept it or reject it. Fill out this short form Fast Cash Offer Form or call us at 405-757-0193 to schedule a time to meet!

We want your sale to be quick, painless, and stress-free!