Experiencing divorce? Our process to sell your house in the Okc metro is quick and painless.

Divorce is a difficult thing. Selling your house in Oklahoma City should not be.

We care about your divorce! Getting divorced is not easy so we offer a fair and impartial cash offer and work with both sides to get you what you deserve! Our experience working with painful situations helps us to make selling your house quickly and easily so its our top priority. We give a fair cash offer in writing.

Your home could take months or even years to sell, but we close in thirty days or less.

Don’t make the mistake of not talking to your soon-to-be-ex about selling the house; get those lines of communication up and working as quickly as possible to facilitate a quick sale and minimal pain and loss.

Buy working with us, you avoid:

  • A prolonged, painful process full of mutual decisions about selling the house
  • Having to have the house “show ready” every time a buyer wants to see it
  • Negotiating with buyers
  • Agreeing with your spouse on prices
  • Excessive communication with your spouse
  • More interruptions to your life and routine by realtors, buyers, cleaning, negotiations, etc
  • Being in the same room/house as your spouse
  • Having to buy your spouse out
  • Evicting your spouse or having to be evicted

Don’t spend time, money, or tears on organizing, cleaning, or repairs. Move one with your life so that you can heal. Going through a divorce is definitely a roller coaster of emotions and having someone else deal with the unwanted memories frees you to go forward. Both spouses get money to start over, and it may help both of to you make a clean break.

Call us at 405-757-0193 to schedule a time to meet us! Or fill out our Fast Cash Offer Form