In pre-foreclosure or about to go through foreclosure? We have several options that may help you. Our process to sell your house in the Okc metro is quick and painless.

A foreclosure can drastically reduce your credit and increase difficulty in renting a place as well as increasing your interest rates. Selling your house in Oklahoma City with us is easy!

We care about your credit rating! When it drops because of a foreclosure, it will increase interest rates on other types of debt so we offer a fair and impartial cash offer so you get you what you deserve! Our experience working with frustrating and difficult situations helps us to make selling your house quickly and easily so its our top priority. We give a fair cash offer in writing.

Your home could take months or even years to sell on the market and it costs money to put into repairs, but we close in thirty days or less as is.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long; once a house is fully in foreclosure, we cannot help!

Buy working with us, you avoid:

  • A prolonged, painful repair process that takes all your time on the evenings and weekends
  • A drastic hit to your credit rating
  • Negotiating with buyers
  • Paying for repairs out of pocket
  • Interruptions to your life and routine
  • Paying for utilities, lawn care, and taxes out of pocket
  • Wondering if the house will sell before its in foreclosure

Don’t spend time, money, or tears on organizing, cleaning, or repairs. Move one with your life so that you can do the things you need to do because you don’t have to have a foreclosure on your record!

Call us at 405-757-0193 to schedule a time to meet us! Or fill out our Fast Cash Offer Form