Here is the short and simple process to handle a remote closing. This is helpful to out of town or out of state sellers.

  1. Sign purchase agreement – you don’t even have to be there to open the house – you can mail us a key and we can mail it back with the offer & purchase agreement for you to sign.

  2. Title Company – once we have the signed purchase agreement, you normally don’t have to do anything else except wait for your closing documents. We take the purchase agreement and a check for $10 to the title company (listed below) for processing of the title work, abstracting, court filings, etc.

  3. The title company will FedEx the closing documents you need to sign to your home or office address. The documents usually arrive by 10 am and must be notarized while signing. The title company puts little stickies where to sign and where the notary signs and includes a cover letter of the docs sent to you and what additional docs are needed (drivers license copies for example). The closing docs are sent a week before closing so that you have time to review them, make copies, or call the title company with any questions. They are very friendly and helpful! They also include a place in the closing documents for you to specify how you want your proceeds – either a wire or a business check. The title company includes a Fedex envelope for you to put the completed documents in and then you drop it off at a Fedex office.

We use:
Old Republic Title
5627 N Classen Blvd #101,
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Ask for Robin